Thursday, September 21, 2017

CiM 217 Harvest

CiM 217 Harvest is a streaky orange that goes grey when hot like most of the coral colours do.  It cools back down to orange, but is quite streaky and variable in colour.

Your mileage may vary - as you can see from the link to the other testers, they find it to be an even and consistent colour - so you need to remember that we all have our own variables and our own way of working. If you don't get the same results as someone else - it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you! 

Below, for comparison, we have Harvest on the left, waves and rod, wave and rod of Monarch in the centre, and mermaid tail and rod of Creamsicle on the right. With the strong studio lighting - Monarch and Creamsicle appear closer in colour than they are in real life.

Harvest is a nice organic orange, not a fluorescent or bright neon orange, and good for fruit and pumpkins and flowers, I think.

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