Monday, September 25, 2017

Double Helix Keto revisited

Remember that I was somewhat disappointed with the Keto when it came out of the kiln? Well - yes, once again it was the result of my kiln "eating" the reduction.

Because this is what they looked like when I tried it again with the kiln at BeadFX.

 For comparison - the two on the left were annealed in my studio kiln, and the rest in the BeadFX studio kiln.

I'm going to try fiddling with the temperature I have my kiln set at. This is ridiculous.

Anyway - the Keto really is stunning, isn't it?

Accidentally snapped one, but you can see the inside - the colour is still the same, right down to the white speckles.  The reduction is sitting on the surface.

 The Double Helix site shows Keto reduced and encased, so I thought I would try that too.  
A spacer, encased in Zephyr. 

And a focal, Keto, reduced, encased with Zephyr, and the encasing textured with a blade. 

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