Sunday, September 03, 2017

Double Helix Keto

Keto is a new speckled lustre from Double Helix. In addition to reducing, these colours are often fun to use unreduced, as they actually retain their speckling after working.

It is a little reminiscent of that old blue enamel ware that you might remember from camping trips as a kid! 

Sigh. I shot these outside in the sun to show the lovely colour, then used both rods. Then I discovered that the photo was out of focus (the focus on the driveway is perfect!) - and so I have no clear photo of the unworked rods.

This whole one-handed phone photo thing has me baffled. The phone can take decent photos - but hanging on to the edges so as to not accidentally send it into some other mode - that makes me crazy.

I am a little disappointed with the results of the reduction - these went into the kiln far more metallic than they came out - so I think we have the situation again (like the DH Thallo) where my kiln is "eating" the reduction. I'll get some more and compare to the BeadFX studio environment and see what I get.

 But, in any case - the blue is pretty and the speckles are pretty, so I'd say it's a keeper.

Double Helix shows their sample encased for more of an overall lustre effect, so that would be worth trying too.

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