Monday, September 11, 2017

CiM 461 Jelly Bean

CiM Jelly Bean - a juicy, juicy green and another exciting addition to the soft glass colour palette!

But - the first thing that comes to mind is ... is this different from the CiM Chartreuse that came out with the last round of new colours?

 Well - yes - if you put them side by side, you can tell them apart - the middle segment here is Chartreuse and the outer segments are Jelly Bean. The Chartreuse is slightly more opaque, and slightly more yellow.
 But just hanging around randomly - I doubt most people will be able to tell the difference. Here, the piece on the left is Jelly Bean, and the leaf on the right is Chartreuse.

This is just Jelly Bean - with a lot of light. Neon is not dead yet. Any way - if you have a production line using Chartreuse - the Jelly Bean will probably make a totally adequate substitution. It is only marginally more blue than the Chartreuse and no where close to the much bluer Inchworm.

Unworked rods - Chartreuse on the left, Jelly Bean on the right.

Listen, I LOVE Chartreuse, and everyone I've showed it too, loves it too. Jelly Bean - just as good IMHO.

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