Saturday, September 23, 2017

CiM 626 Enchanted

CiM Enchanted is a colour shifter - a colour known as Alexandrite (after the stone) for those of you who are used to buying commercially-made beads like Czech Firepolish and Swarovski crystal. Enchanted was made to replace CiM Jellyfish - another colour-shifter, or to be like the Effetre 081. I don't have either lying around reliably labeled at the moment, so I can't speak to that.

I can say, however, that it has a definite colour-shift - depending on the lighting. IMHO - it is most beautiful in sunlight. Check out the videos to see the effect.

Just wandering around my studio - from the photography area - over to my desk, from expensive highly tuned compact fluorescents to LEDs to whatever.

And to outdoors in the sunlight - which I think is the loveliest.

I did see some scumming/small bubbles, but as I worked further down the rod, it seemed to be less of a problem, but you can see the results here.

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