Friday, October 23, 2009

Vetro 951 - Red Candy Apple

How the heck did I miss this colour? I was rooting through my stack of glass - looking for reds - and found this pack labeled Vetro 951. So I looked it up online - Red Candy Apple. And apparently - I haven't blogged it.

What a NICE colour. Nice red! Whoohoo! Very dark transparent red.

It shows none of the livery brown tinge that I hate in transparent reds.

It is very dark. In the three spacers, the one on the right is self-coloured, the middle is the red, white dots, red on the dots, and the bead on the left is red over clear - which makes the nicest combo.

The second picture - the bead has a clear core - but the "wings" are pure red, and thin like that - you can see what a great colour it is.

It does strike - but very easily - you probably won't have to think about striking it too much. You can see one of the horns at the bottom of the second picture's bead is showing more amber than red - but basically - normal heat maintenance should strike it for you.

What a great find! Vetro Red Candy Apple! Yum!

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