Monday, October 05, 2009

Sorting and Displaying

Here's a cute idea for helping when sorting beads into sets - or for displaying at shows. The problem with spacers is that they lay on their sides, and don't display well. You can put them on rods or mandrels - but they can be a hassle to take off and inevitably - you'll need one from the middle.

These are trays I got from - where else? - the dollar store. They are ice cube trays - for making the skinny ice cubes that you can slide through the neck of a water bottle to chill your bottled water.

They are a reasonable size for holding spacers, on their sides - without needing a rod through the middle. The white plastic shows them off well. Display them flat or on a slight angle.

And it sort of looks like an abacus. Not that you may necessarily consider that a plus - but there you go. ;-)


  1. Great idea! thanks for sharing (I'm off to the dollar store)

  2. That is in fact a great idea. Thanks!
    Someone mentioned on a glass forum that these ice cube trays are also great for stringer storage.

  3. I always put mine on twist-ties so far, but even for that these skinny ice cube trays are great. - Judith, I hadn't heard of it for stringer storage, but that's a great idea too.