Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Val Cox Frit - Winter Blues

A nice, calm, ocean set of colours. The working notes say: Opaque/Transparent. A timeless, no-fuss classic emerges from this quaint blending of blues in a cool-toned color range.

Which is not the most helpful - but does let you know not to expect too much reactive excitement. That said - if you notice in the pic on the right - there has been some separation around the colours. This is on white, specifically CiM Peace.

This third pic is on white, again CiM Peace, then clear, then frit. The layer of clear floats the frit and suspends it - allowing light to get through the transparent frits and reflect back off the white.

And this is frit on white (Peace) and encased. Hot encasing has smeared it - but it is a nice effect.

And the frit left standing. Some of those turquoise dots have started to separate already.

I really should have tried this on ivory.

And finally, clear dipped in frit, and wound, and shaped into a heart.

A nice happy blend. Stands alone or would make a nice background blend for a floral or aquarium bead.

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