Sunday, October 04, 2009

CiM 788 Mink

CiM Mink - a translucent brown. Imagine my confusion when I misread the label as "Mint"? What kind of deeply disturbed person thinks of "Mint" as brown? Maybe it goes green? Maybe it's Chocolate Mint? Maybe it changes colour like Alexandrite?

No - I just apparently can't read. S'alright - I can't read my handwriting either.

When built up into a solid, self-coloured spacer, it's quite dark - to retain the translucency, I would suggest working it over clear or white.

It's hard to say if it reacts with ivory, as the colour is dark enough to hide the colour of the reaction, but the edges of dots did go rather ragged.

It's a brown - guess I better make a horse bead!
The core of the bead is white, and the Mink goes on as a layer on top. From the back - you can see there is some white left showing for his blaze, and it is solid Mink at the back of his neck.

The shading from the translucency is quite nice. I like this a lot.

I don't use a lot of browns, but this is a nice one and works beautifully for the pony.

I did notice that, while it wasn't shocky to begin with, it became quite shocky after heating. Re-introducing it to the flame resulted in more shocking than usual.


  1. Nice brown...adds depth, and it's not a purple-brown to boot!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I've been looking at mink, and now I'm going to try it.