Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magic - Reichenbach 210

Magic - a Reichenbach glass - 104 CoE - with working properties similar to Iris Orange/Raku - namely - heat the snot out of it and then cool it rapidly by marvering.

These are dots of Magic on black (CiM Tuxedo) super heated, and mashed. Nice range of colours, and the speckly web pattern in the middle of the dots is interesting too.

This bead was rather more complicated, but here are the steps.

  • make a barrel-shaped bead in clear
  • encase in a thin layer of Magic
  • Mash
  • put a row of dots around the middle in ivory
  • then add dots in Magic
  • decide it's not working for you, add clear to the top of the dots
  • mash again
  • get frustrated because it still looks like heck
  • heat the snot out of it
  • roll back into shape, pressing too hard and wrecking the shape.
  • salvage the shape and even it up
  • encase it - because everything looks better encased
  • Mash it again
  • firepolish it
  • Give up on it and stick it in the kiln


  1. diana sheldrick1:19 a.m.

    Love your discription - that's how my head works when I'm torching

  2. alot for making me laugh..and it still worked out as a great bead!...been there alot...but you make an important point I took note of years back from another USA bead artist...aka not to give up but carry on to see what happens should be one of the main bits of advise for artists especially in glass...Thanks..Laurie

  3. This web page would be perfect for a book reminds me of Wylie E Coyote or Scrat in the whatsaname movies etc...Laurie