Saturday, October 24, 2009

Encased Silver Foil

Encased Silver Foil. The encasing - as you probably know, can make a huge difference to the colour of the foil.

The encasing colour on the left is Effetre Straw - a very pale amber - produces a rich, old gold effect. The encasing on the right is CiM Mojito - a pale green, which has produced a pale slightly greenish gold with some opalizing (cloudiness) and darker gold.

How awesome is that?


  1. Good tip! I was thinking about buying gold foil but, now, think I'll just use my silver with the Straw (did you just tell us how to turn straw into gold? Shades of Rumplestiltskin!).

  2. Love the effect with straw yellow - instant gold for a fraction of the cost!
    Don't know how it would look like on a different base bead than black though.

  3. Omigawd - you're right - I DID just tell you how to turn straw into gold! Aren't you supposed to get 3 guesses at my name now or I take you away and make you pull and clean beads for the rest of your life?


    I like these on a dark base because when you squash them, the silver crackles and the dark colour is more dramatic showing through - but it doesn't have to be black.