Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Val Cox Frit - Silver Lake

The working notes say:

Opaque/Reactive. A reactive, velvety white frit that color-shifts to a dreamy blue. This dense white frit is best left melted on the surface, as when it's encased, the blue effect disappears to reveal simply white.

Well - you had me at "velvety." ;-)

Although, reactive might have done the trick too. Second pic is on light ivory - the bead on the left was super heated, the one on the right simply melted in. And - way cool - it does transform into blue!

This white cone is Marshmallow (CiM) with Silver Lake on it. I reduced one side (right) of the bead, and it went into the kiln nice and silvery - but it disappeared in the kiln. It did make for a nice white on white, though.

No blue, however. I think it might need the reactive colours to get it going.

So this in on orange et voila. Blue!

and on Copper Green.

No reaction.

And here it is on orange again, with partial encasing. And yes - some of the blue has gone back to white after encasing it.

These two are on black. The black on the left is CiM Tuxedo, the black on the right is CiM Hades.

and finally

this rather nice bicone which is:

  • Copper green
  • ivory, raked
  • silver lake
  • Partially encased
  • Hades stringer
  • silver lake (again)
  • marver into shape.
I definitely like the way the frit reacts and changes. This is an intiquing frit and I think that it has a lot of potential!

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  1. LOVE that last bead. Silver lake is my favorite Val frit.