Saturday, October 17, 2009

Val Cox Frit Book: Frit Secrets: A Flameworker's Guide to using Reactive Glass Frits

I swear I have reviewed this before - but I simply can't find it.

Oh well.

Awesome book. Buy it.

Ok - I could go into more detail!

If you are expecting a series of pictures of beads and a series of procedures and recipes - this isn't that book.

What this is is a very careful explanation of frits, furnace glass, and how we can get a 96 CoE to work with a 104 in the right circumstances - that will allay the suspicions of those who have been avoiding the 96 Reactive frits because they couldn't see how it could work.

For those who like to test and experiment, like moi, then there are some very concrete suggestions as to how to go about it and make your own discoveries.

For those who are frustrated with frits and want to know how to get a specific colour or effect - there is a table for you too.

All in all - an excellent insight into Ms. Cox's journey of discovery into the world of frits, and a roadmap to your own discoveries as well.

Totally worth getting.

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