Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vetro Mystery Yellow: Vetro 949 Lemon Meringue

Mystery Yellow - Jean at Nortel Manufacturing (home of the torches - nothing to do with the telecommunications company - oh, and have I got a funny story about that!) handed me a sample of this glass when I was there the other day.

"I have a 22 pound bundle of this," she said, throwing her hands in the air, "and I have no bleeping idea what it is. Well - I know it's Vetro and I know it's 104. But other than that - no idea! I'm going to put it on sale! See if you can figure out what it is!"

This is where this blog comes in handy - cuz I know where to look up my results from my previous tests. ;-)

I believe it is Vetro 949 - Lemon Meringue. It is a very pure yellow, not biased to red at all. Can be a little streaky, needs a little striking time to show all yellow, otherwise, will be streaky yellow and white. Reacts with turquoise, much like ivory does. Tends to photo a little more greenish than it actually is.

So there you go. If you want it - call Nortel and ask for the "Mystery Yellow." ;-) Would make good daffodils. And, the way the snow is going - you might have to make your own if you ever want to see a daffodil again! :-P

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