Thursday, January 01, 2009

Marble Stock/Giant Twistie

Frantz calls it Marble Stock - I think of giant twisties. I did report on these back in May, and now you can get them.

This time - I got the plain pink. I was a little more careful this time, and was fairly successful in keeping the twisty nice and tight.

Looks pretty darn sharp in this big hole bead, eh?

The rods are about 6.5 - 7 mm - the ones I have are 6.7 mm actually.

Less shocky and easier to work than I would have suspected.

They are so pretty just by themselves too. And festive. Got me thinking about candy cane swizzle-sticks and other decorative items. Just love looking at that oh-so-regular spiral inside the smooth clear. Such fun.

And with this big hole bead - the pattern from the side is quite intriguing too. This is a style that lends itself well to the big hole. Lay down a core of clear, or a colour, then wind the twisty on top - three times around seems good, two side by side and a third on top in the center for added depth and interest.

BTW - if the Frantz site is coming up "temporarily unavailable or too busy" - just wait and try again. That's common for their site. Too many folks shopping for glass!

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