Friday, January 23, 2009

CiM 413-3: Peacock Green Unique

Love the CiM Peacock Green - love the translucency - the "not quite a transparentness" of it! Big fave of mine - makes great hollows!

Anyway - this batch of -3 Unique, is a significantly more blue green than the original green - which is more of a juicy, fruity green. (Original Peacock Green is on the top of the pic to the left, and the new, -3 Unique is the bottom rods.)

Worked and annealed - it stays the same as the colour in the rod. You might argue that it is not quite as not transparent at the original, or less translucent and closer to transparent. But it is a really nice colour. I kinda hope that they keep it in the colour palette.

I definitely like the colour!

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