Friday, January 09, 2009

TAG 104 - 01 Dalai Lama

I just got my hands on a sample pack of the new TAG glass. This is a new 104 COE glass by Trautman Art Glass ( - which have become well-known in the boro-world for introducing some very lovely and desireable colours (Elvis, for instance - a 2-die-4 red).

These new colours are more of the current trend in high-silver content glasses, similar to the Double Helix and the Precision 104 (formerly known as Rocio).

This glass comes with quite complete instructions, which is always appreciated. I notice now that the website and the included printed instructions actually differ slightly.

Melt in with a neutral flame, lightly reduce, and cool slightly. Then strike in a neutral-to-oxidizing flame for beautiful Painted Desert effects. Or reduce this glass for a different look. Colors range from tans and ambers (particularly when reduced) to blues and greens, and gorgeous pinks and purples when struck. This glass also encases well, and retains a reactive effect under clear. Some batches respond well to deep heating before striking.

Red - from website, not on handout
Blue - from handout, not website.

As you can see from reading this - you might be a little confused as to exactly what to do and when, for what effect. ;-) I know I was! Am I supposed to strike, then reduce? Or vice-versa?

The bead on the left, I made with clear, and encased with the Dalai Lama. (ok - that sentence reads weird - I know.) I attempted to strike - it didn't seem to strike for me.

The bead on the right, I made a base in white, and encased it with Dalai Lama, and reduced it.

I dunno - maybe not enough heat, or something. I'm certainly not getting the blues and purples that they show on their website - and I want those colours. Have to take another run at this one.

The beads are nice enough - I love the streaky effect. But I want those blues and purples!

Besides - isn't it bad karma to strike the Dalai Lama?

All of which puts me in mind of a poem from my favourite poet, Ogden Nash.

The one-l lama, he's a priest,
The two-l llama, he's a beast,
and I will bet a silk pajama,
there isn't any three-l lllama. *
* I have just been informed that there is a type of conflagration known as a 3-alarmer. Pfui.

Just don't create a 3-alarmer striking the Dalai Lama while making a llama bead. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous4:34 p.m.

    You are TOO FUNNY! Yes, this is Jenny from TAG and you are right -- I do need to make sure the website Tips info gets updated. I used to reduce the Dalai a little bit before striking, and it creates more organic looks. But nowadays, I just "heat the SNOT out of it" (yes, that IS the technical term, lol!) let it cool and then strike. The key with striking these amber-purple 104s is to let them cool down enough between strikes. Patience! I like to have a lamp near me to hold the bead under, and watch for the colors to 'bloom'. It's like waaaait for it.... waaaaait for it.... bam! it starts to blush amber! Then you can go back and strike it, then watch more color bloom; strike again, and then wait for the color. Encasing the blues and purples helps keep them that way in the annealer, too. ;-> THANKS Darlin'!