Thursday, January 22, 2009

Freaky Fish

Ok, so whaddya think? Are these fish cute, or too weird for words?

I set out to shoot pictures for a tutorial I was planning to do. I lined up the studio time, got someone else in to shoot the pictures and spent a day working the kinks out of it all, re: lighting and angles and etc. My plan is to do some tutorials, and I wanted to put together a very simple, free tutorial as an intro.

Fish, I thought, fun, and sort of "starter-sculpture." Except - what flowed out the of the torch that day was NOT like any fish I've ever made before - they look like they are half-way on their way to turning into butterflies. I wasn't going for realism, but really ....

Anyway - I can't tell if they are cute, or weird. I get mixed reactions from close friends. I'm guessing that there are certainly lots of people who don't need tutorials on fish, not these fish anyway (or can glance at these and figure them out) - but I know - or at least hope! - that beginners will find them interesting. (My beginner classes always like the fish - they are a pretty forgiving bead.)

The question remains - would anyone WANT to make these fish?


  1. Anonymous9:42 p.m.

    I would love a tutorial on how to make these. Yes, I am a beginner.

  2. Weirdly cute, if you ask me! LOL Love the colours most definitely!

  3. Think there is one extra fin... looks like there are two top and bottom and no tail... You need a definite tail if you're doing fish! But who am I to criticize....