Monday, January 05, 2009

CiM 806 Cirrus and 806-1 Cirrus Unique - Cirrusly Different!

Whoa nelly! This Cirrus Unique is Cirrusly Different!

The bead on the left (one black dot) is the original CiM 806 Cirrus - a lovely wispy milky clear. I bought several pounds of Cirrus the other day to fill an order, and when I pulled out a new pack - the new rods were fatter.

And I didn't remember Cirrus looking yellowish when hot. Checked the package - and this was 806-1 - Cirrus Unique. Well - the cooling rod looked a little milkier - but still translucent. Ok-fine, I thought - I can live w that for this order.

Ehhhh! Wrong answer. Coz lookit what came out of the kiln! The bead on the right (2 black dots) is the Unique - and it, for all intents and purposes - has come out white.

Perhaps a little less brilliant white than white, maybe a little translucent - but not the milky Cirrus cloud effect I was expecting!

Good thing I also had a batch of white to do for above mentioned order - otherwise - that would be over a solid hour of beadmaking down the chute!

It does occur to me that it is pretty stiff, for a white. So there may be some sculptural possiblities here that are available with the regular white, as it is just too darn soft. Wonder if it reacts like the Anice White? Hmmmm.

Anyway - I am SOOOOO glad that Creation is Messy labels their non-standard batches. Can't blame them for my failure to double check the package!

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  1. Not sure if this link will work but go to then scroll down to Thurs Nov 20, 2008... I must have had one rod of non unique mixed into my unique because I know I made a bead using that glass that did not go white!