Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Upcoming Class: Lampworking 201

Well - while I'm promoting other folks, maybe I should take a minute to promote my own stuff! I know, it's a radical concept. ;-)

I have a Lampworking 201 class coming up. Lampworking 201 is an 8-week class, Thursday evenings, 2.5 hours, starting at 7 pm. It's for those who have some experience, but want to get a little more control over the glass, develop some new techniques, and enjoy getting together and torching once a week. It's not restricted to just students that have taken classes with me - but open to anyone with a little experience.

The curriculum is largely-driven by student interest. So far - we are looking to cover:

  • off-mandrel pendants
  • marbles
  • sculptural beads
  • my signature "wave" bead
  • 3-d florals
  • vessels and blown vessels
  • rings
  • shards
  • high-silver content glasses
  • fuming.
And - whatever anyone else in the class suggests that they'd like to learn.

Looks like a fairly full 8 weeks of discovery! There are still spaces left in the class - which runs from Feb 5 - Apr 2 (which is 9 weeks - but there is a 1 week gap - Feb 19 - in there - as I have to go out of town and won't make it back in time.)

This is taught at the beadFX lampwork studio, and if you want to sign up - you need to get in touch with the studio directly. If you have any questions about the class - feel free to email me directly!

And, if that doesn't fit in your schedule, I do private, one-on-one tutoring too. This is great if you want to tackle a specific area, i.e. encasing, sculptural shapes, reduction, using silver foil, successful stringer, or whatever you want. The rate is a very reasonable $40/hour (Cdn) and we can figure out a time frame that works around your schedule. Two to three hours is usually enough to tackle a topic or two or three or more - and includes a free card for additional studio practice time, and a discount in the beady portion of the store. Talk about a good deal, eh?

You can learn a lot from books, tutorials, videos, and especially from trial and error. But - oh, those sweet moments of ephiphany that you can get from watching someone else, live and in person. "Wait a minute - you can DO that?" "Oh, is that what that means!" "Holy ----, is that what that tool is for!" ;-)

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