Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Days of Demo'ing at Nortel Open House

Two days of demo'ing torches and talking about glass, torches, beads, tools and the joy of working with glass to any poor unsuspecting soul who wanders in off the street, enticed by the "free chili" sign.

I need a bit of time to organize my thoughts and impressions, but on Friday, I spent quite a bit of time using the Nortel Mid-range torch, and today, I was working on the Red Max - so I can now offer more informed opinions on these two torches. (I want a Mid-Range. The Red Max - really more for boro - that's the short version.)

That's Amy in the first photo - on a Nortel Minor - working on a frog bead.

The second pic is Susan - look ma - both hands - one leg! She's using the top fire Mega, on a mid-range. That's the chaos of a real-life working machine shop in the background. That's where your torches are born!

And the third is me - my hands anyway - making a horse head and working on the Red Max. Big flame, baby!

Oh, and here's a very nicely lined bead - courtesy of Peter's new bead lining machine - which is just about ready for release. More on that later. But I can say - this machine has some significant usability improvements!

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