Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CiM 598: Atlantis

Ha - if you thought I was excited about yesterday's new colour (CiM Rainforest) - wait till you see this one!

This is CiM Atlantis, a translucent dark aqua/teal. I wouldn't actually have called it a teal - except when I put it next to a true aqua - like CiM Pulsar or Effetre Dark Aqua, it is slightly more green. It is a great ocean colour! I have posed it here with some Swarovski crystals in the colours Caribbean Blue Opal - which is is a very good colour match with.

All three of these are solid colour, the smaller one on the left was made last and probably got these least amount of heating and cooling - it is darker, and more translucent. This is a very dark translucent colour - not like CiM Cirrus - which takes quite a bit of build up to make it opaque - this can easily function as an opaque.

On the left, over white. On the right - over clear. Kind of a cool streaky pattern going on there.
This is on ivory - where it has had an extreme reaction - forming frothy bubbley patterns.
This is a solid coloured bead - reduced. It is very dark, and has the barest hint of reddish splotches from the copper as it was reduced. They are hard to see in person, and did not want to show up on camera.
Definitely a keeper!

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  1. Yeah, I like this one too and it plays nice with Double Helix silver glass also... as does the new Mojito also...