Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eff 420 Coral Variants: Persimmon and La Mesa Special

Sigh. Yet another variation on coral in varying shades of orange. Cuz the 97 varieties we have just aren't enough.

Yeah - what do I know? I apologize - I'm sure that if getting consistent batches of 420 Coral was easy - they'd just do it.

Anyhoo - two more variations on the Coral colour from Effetre. Persimmon, on the left, and La Mesa Special on the right. The unworked rods look virtually identical - so label this stuff if you buy both, otherwise, you'll never sort it out again.

This is the Persimmon - I've left the marker bead showing so that I am sure of which picture is which. (The coloured wrap of glass - the marker bead - is how I confirm which is what when I take it out of the kiln. My notes say - Periwinkle marker was Persimmon. etc. )

The solid bead is self coloured - and slightly streaky, the one with dots has dots of turquoise and clear, and is a little more streaky.
This is the La Mesa Special. Bead on left has dots of turquoise, and the solid bead on the right is quite streaky.
Head to head - the La Mesa on the top and the Persimmon on the bottom, the La Mesa is streakier, and a little less vibrant in colour. The difference in more subtle in real life. I think if you had a bowl full of beads made of both of these, you'd have your work cut out for you if you wanted to sort them out.

You can see that both variations react with the turquoise.

Both are a very rich pinky-orange, or orangey pink - like the colour of uncooked salmon. The finished beads are a little more orange than the unworked rods.

Neither is a bad colour. If you are doing "painted desert" beads - choose the streakier La Mesa - if you want more of a bright, happy colour - pick the Persimmon.

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