Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Something Blue: CiM Blues and Clio

Just doing a little experimenting with various shades of CiM blues - Ming, Chalcedony, and Halong Bay, and Effetre Dark Aqua with Double Helix Clio.

First up, for a reference point, CiM Ming - which is a gosh-darn gorgeous colour, as I have mentioned before.

This is Ming, with Clio on top, reduced. You see some of the reddishness of the Clio shining thru, and the Ming is a distinctly different colour, presumably from the fuming.

This is Ming, with Clio over wrap as above, but melted in, and not reduced. The Ming has stayed the same colour, the Clio appears black, but with some interesting separation effects.

Next up the two beads on the left are Chalcedony, and the two on the right are Halong Bay. The Clio overwrap has been reduced. The base beads have become somewhat greener with the yellow fuming effect of the reduced Clio.

Just for reference - this is Chalcedony.

And - finally - this is Effetre Dark Aqua with Clio. No apparent colour change in the Dark Aqua from fuming.

For reference, this is Effetre Dark Aqua.

Interesting that the blues go more greenish when incidentally fumed by reducing the silver glass Clio.

Even more interesting that the Dark Aqua does not.

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