Tuesday, March 01, 2011

CiM 499: Rainforest

Apols for the delay in getting these to you - I was away all last week and I decided to leave the laptop at home. I had intended to get these online before I left - but HA! - that didn't happen!

New colours from Creation is Messy - and what awesome new colours they are!!!!!

First up - Rainforest!

Rainforest is a translucent forest green - a totally yummy colour!

From right to left, we have self coloured, over white, and over clear.

The self-coloured bead (solid colour) has the appearance of an opaque, and appears to have gone opaque on the sides, possibly from heating and cooling, or a different cooling speed. It is quite a dense colour, and certainly reads as an opaque like this.

But - as a thin layer over white, it has a luminosity that an opaque would not have.
And over clear, you can see that it is actually a translucent. This is a fairly large transparent core, with just a thin layer of Rainforest.
These are Rainforest dots on ivory. It looks a little greener, and has reacted with the ivory.
And this is another self-coloured bead, reduced. It shows as being quite a bit darker overall - approaching black, and has developed some red splotches from the copper reducing.
The red spotches are hard to see - but the arrow is pointing right at one in this shot.
I am totally excited about this colour!


  1. It is a great color... I tested it with Raku shards (photo on my blog) and I really loved the effect.


  2. Oh my, that's yummy!