Friday, March 18, 2011

CiM 795: Adobe Ltd Run - 2nd Batch

Holy snake snot! This colour does some crazy stuff on Ivory.

I liked this colour when it first came out - it's a nice tanned flesh colour - and similar to Ginger, but quite a bit darker.

But put it with ivory and you get some crazy stuff happen'!

From the bottom in this pic, the rod of glass, a mandrel with a solid Adobe 2, and a bead with an Adobe 2 base, ivory dots with Adobe 2 dots on top. Look at how they have crawled and bled and deformed!

On the 2nd mandrel is an ivory bicone. Thin trails of Adobe 2 were laid down, heated and raked. Check out how th ivory has a crazed look between the Adobe 2 - and how it has separated. Less of the really dark reaction than on the smaller bead, but you can see a little of it down near the bottom of the bead.

I'd say this bears further investigation!


  1. WOW I am amazed- is this color released I can't find it anywhere :(

  2. It seems to be sold out every where.

  3. I just checked with Jean at Nortel Mfg - she says she has some coming - it's still in transit. 416-438-3325 if you wanted to reserve some.

  4. Gail DB4:04 p.m.

    Oh yum, oh yum -- thanks for the hot tip. I just reserved a pound. Love this colour!