Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CiM 915-1 Pink Champagne Unique

This is a unique batch of CiM Pink Champagne. In referring back to my own blog posts - this unique batch appears to resemble CiM 652 Count von Count. So much so - that I question if I didn't get the labeling wrong in that post. But no - in checking the CiM website, they say that Pink Champagne colour-shifts between Pink and Pink-Brown.

Pink Champagne-1 appears blue in fluorescent lighting, and pink in incandescent lighting, much like Effetre Light and Dark Lavender, and like the commercially-made beads in the colour usually referred to as Alexandrite.

Here we have the rods in the background, and Pink Champagne-1 over white, and self coloured.

Same beads - incandescent lighting. (A regular light bulb).

PC-1 on the left, and CiM Appletini on the right, over white - fluorescent lighting.
And same bead again, under a regular light bulb.
This is the sort of thing that has you checking your notes over and over.

But yeah - the rods are labeled Pink Champagne. So the Champagne has turned into the Count. Now you know why the quote goes, "I never drink ... wine." ;-)

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