Thursday, March 03, 2011

CiM 500: Azure

CiM Azure - a deep, dark aqua. Does the world really need another dark aqua? U becha. This colour is so scrumptious - yeah - there is always room for pie and dark aqua!

Azure is a darker shade that CiM Pulsar - shown here together - the Pulsar is the collection of rods at the top, and the Azure is below.

And, just for reference, this is Azure next to CiM Electric Avenue.
Here we have, from left to right, over clear, over white, and two solid beads. Azure is a dense colour - the Azure over clear is closer to the colour of the unworked rod, while the two self-coloured beads are a little darker.
This is Azure on Ivory. Note the fairly strong reaction with the ivory, and the shift to green. There is also some subtle streakiness that shows against the ivory in the dots.
This little self-coloured spacer was reduced, which brought up a rainbow sheen. Unfortunately, it has since cracked, but I suspect that had to do with letting it get too cool while messing around reducing it.

Wow - third fabulous colour in a row! The new three from CiM, Azure, Atlantis, and Rainforest, are totally yummy.

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  1. Oh wow. The reduced bead is gorgeous - and the transition to teal on ivory... Now I have to go test if Pulsar does the same with ivory, since I have the Pulsar in stock, and they seem very similar in colour to me.

    I looooooooove the fact, that you test all these colours and tools on your blog. Being new in this world of molten glass your blog has given me so much information. Thanks.

    ~ Karina