Thursday, March 17, 2011

CiM 701-3: Ginger Unique 3

This batch of unique Ginger is not Ginger. It doesn't look like Ginger, and it doesn't magically transform itself into Ginger by heating.

It's grey. It is, in fact, light grey.

The unworked rods look grey - Unique 3 on the left, Original on the right.

And, after heating, Unique at the bottom, Original on top.
Bead on the right is Unique 3, bead on the left is half and half.
Two beads of Unique 3 on the left, and one with turquoise dots on the right.
If you are looking for a pale grey - CiM 701-3 Ginger Unique is your glass. It's a "mice" shade of grey. ;-)

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