Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dragon Eyes

I've been making these "Dragon Eyes" for a while now, and been having some success with using the Double Helix glasses - so I thought I'd share with you which glass is which.

The iris is Cyan/Red dichro, on a black base. Encased in Lauscha clear. The lids are Double Helix Khaos, heated clear hot and laid down as one big gather, with an edge laid down just melting as I go. (See the colour difference?) The dots on the lids are Nyx, lightly reduced.

This one - the iris is silver dichro on clear, laid down over black. The lids are Khaos - the top lid was snot heated (heat the snot out of it = heat it clear hot). The bottom lid was worked much cooler. The dots are Clio, not reduced.

This one started with a twisty of Double Helix Khaos, Ehko and Nyx, reduced, and encased and pulled.

The iris is the above twisty, over white. The lids are formed of clear, with trails of Clio laid down, and melted until they spread (quite a challenge to do that and not deform the shape, I might add!). The Clio was reduced.


  1. Super , I love this Dragon Eyes !

  2. Wow, very very wonderful. Great beadwork. I like it very much.

  3. WOW
    Grüße Carmen