Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Val Cox Frit: Violet Storm

Hey - I might finally be onto something with the frit. More results I like!

First up, the working notes say:

Violet Storm: Blend/Transparent
Vivid tone-on-tone mix of violet and purple ... deeply saturated red-violet to violet-blue ... fuss free blend. Combining wiht silver foil will produce a slight green tint.

Aha - silver reactive, eh?

First up - let's just enjoy it for it natural colours - which are very pretty. Our first two samples are distortion beads - using the property of the clear - as it melts - to smear the colours underneath. The first bead is a small clear disk, rolled in frit, melt in the frit, and build up the disk with a layer of clear, then melt the whole thing down, keeping it balanced but letting it melt down into a more round shape. As the clear spreads - it takes the frit with it, and makes lovely stripes. I'm on a kick for this, apparently - so all these beads are some variation of this technique.

The second bead is made the same way - but the first disk - the core - is white.

The clear used is Lauscha, in about a 7 mm rod. The fatter rods do make this easier.

On the left here, we have clear, make a gather, dip in the frit, wind a bead, and encase and melt down.

On the right, a white core, Effetre Kelp, gather, dipped in frit, wound on, and encased in clear.

So - remember the line from the working notes about "silver foil." Well - rather than grab some foil, I grabbed a rod of Double Helix Triton - one of the Hi-Silver glasses.

A core of Triton, rolled in frit, melted in, and a fat layer of clear, melted down to stretch and distort the frit. Oh my! These are nice!

These rock, as far as I'm concerned! Yay! Finally - frit effects I like!


  1. Happy to see you are back ! Love the new violet colors, and especially the two beads on the mandrel, so soft and strange at the same time. Thank you to share your attempts.

  2. Wow, it looks great ... thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year to you,
    ♥ Manuela

  3. Wonderful beads, I really like the frit on Triton and silver, very pretty.