Thursday, December 10, 2009

CiM Oz and Sangre - the Perfect Christmas Green and Red?

"So," - someone says to me - "I think that CiM Sangre and CiM Oz are the perfect Christmas Red and Green. What do you think?"

Well - I think that who ever came up with the idea of "classic holiday colour combinations" should be taken out back and quietly clubbed to death. For one thing - it forms such strong associations that you can't use those colours anywhere else, and for another - the colour combinations are generally ghastly. To whit - Red and Green. Gack. Purple and Yellow. Double Gack. And I like black and orange - but try using them w/o someone getting all Halloweeny on you. And don't get me started on "Red, White, and Blue" - a colour trio with potential for huge abuse.

But - I do like the visual of red berries on a green background - so - what the heck. Oz plus Sangre. Let's try a holly leaf and berries.

Oh - right. Sangre is a transparent. Well - transparent red on green - soooo not going to work.

Helps if you wait for the red to strike too.

So let's try that again.

This time - white under the Sangre - to make it pop. Much better.

The whole effect is very "cheery." Festive. Happy.

That red certainly does pop. And it's a nice bright green. But in my mind - holly leaves are darker, and berries darker and bluer. Hmmm.

Are they the perfect holiday red and green? Well - if you like red and green as a colour combo - maybe they are. If you love festive holiday colour combos - perhaps they are.

I like 'em individually.

Together? Bah, humbug.

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  1. Very Much agreed... If those that want holiday coloured beads, as you say, they should save their money and buy mass produced beads. I have yet to see jewelry creations with holiday themed beads that retain the value of investing in handmade lampwork beads.
    Just my opinion, but I prefer to create beads with a lasting value... not just to wear 3-4 weeks a year.. Makes me think of those horrible holiday sweaters that my mom used to wear to get te kids in the "holiday spirit" Not a fan of those either.
    I second the Bah Humbug.. But I love your blog!