Monday, December 07, 2009

Signing your Stuff

I haven't actually ordered from these folks - - but I've lusted after their tools for sometime. They are just so beautiful - in the photos, anyway. Gleaming polishing brass, polished wood handles. Oooooo. Just call me a tool junkie. It's politer than some of the other things I've been called. ;-)

Anyway - this idea intrigues me - a custom stamp with your initials for signing your work. Yes - I know I can make murrini and I do, on occasion. T'aint my favourite thing. Murrini takes time - which I don't have that much of - and I seldom actually like the look of a little dot with initials in it as a signature. It seems to take away from the design and seems so egocentric. A statement akin to "it's so important to me to identify my work that I'm prepared to wreck my own design to do it." But hey - that's just my take on it - and I have used murrini in the past.

I have also tried using metal letter stamps (designed for leather - I believe) for stamping into the glass - and gotten some cool results from that.

So the idea of a stamp with the two initials together - that has a lot of appeal! I might just have to get me one of those!

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