Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Effetre 420: Coral - Very Old Batch

And THIS batch of Coral is actually from an old stash. Some of you may remember it. Do the corals never end? Let's call this 420VOB - for Very Old Batch.

It is a dark coral, and the rods have a slightly rough texture.

It goes slightly streaky, and stays quite dark - being not quite as pink as the un-worked rods.

It reacts with turquoise - notice the fine grey border around the Light Sky Blue dots. Gotta love that reaction!

With clear on top - it goes a little lighter - but not a whole lot.

It's really quite a dramatic colour. Sort of a dark, smoked sockeye salmon colour. A frame of reference really only useful to those living on the Wet Coast.

And it seems to be remarkably photogenic! These pictures were easy to get!

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