Tuesday, December 08, 2009

CiM: Zachary

Hot out of the furnace - new colour from Creation is Messy. (Not even on their site yet!). This is a Baby Blue or Powder Blue called Zachary. My first thought was "Effetre 220 Periwinkle" - but it is actually a little lighter than Periwinkle.

It actually works up to be slightly paler than the rod colour after heating.

Zachary is slightly streaky - around the bead holes. The first rod was a little shocky to start with, and shot the end off a couple of times, and then settled down and was fine - after that and onto the next rod - no issues - so I think that might have been an anomaly.

It's lovely with this dark blue. Couldn't tell you what the dark blue is - it might be Cornflower - but it was just a dark blue that was on my bench - so no guarantees.

And this is Zachary on the left and Effetre Periwinkle on the right. You can see that the Periwinkle is darker and streakier.

When molten - they are quite different - more so than you would think from the end result. The periwinkle has a distinctly different sort of glow when hot - hard to define. Go heat up a big gather of it and you'll see what I mean.

CiM Zachary - a soft, pretty, baby blue.

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