Friday, December 11, 2009

CiM Great Bluedini

New colour from CiM - and much speculating I did about the name - based on the hand-written label! The Great Bluedini is what it is!

My first impression was Effetre Transparent 027 Dark Teal. And here they are together - the CiM is the fat rod on the top, and the Effetre is the skinny rod on the bottom. Pretty darn close.

On the left - over white. The two on the right - self-coloured. Fairly dark that way. Pretty on the white.

Holds up well - this is very thin trails, over clear, and melted in.

And these a white core, a thin layer of colour, and deep encasing. These are really pretty.

A very nice deep transparent blue-green. I'm thinking it will look nice with CiM Mermaid.

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