Thursday, December 31, 2009

Surprising Colour Effect: Triton on Dark Silver Plum

Well, this surprised me, but it's not a bad surprise. I was expecting a metallic on metallic effect - but what I got was quite different. This is trails of Double Helix Triton on top of Effetre Dark Silver Plum. Pretty cool eh?


  1. Really pretty color combo. I had to run out and try this with my hothead torch and annealing bubble and got the metallic violet and silver both encased with Effetre superclear and not. I like your beads a lot better but I think kilning the beads produced the effect, unless they went into the kiln that way. I'll just have to keep trying, since the beads I'm making look neat, even if they were not what I wanted.

  2. They looked that way when they went in the kiln - the difference is probably having finer control of the flame atmosphere because I have a gas/oxygen torch vs the hothead. But so long as you are getting results you like - it's all good. ;-)