Sunday, December 13, 2009

Val Cox Frit: Ocelot Spots

See - here is more of why I suck at frit. I wanted to love this one. I really did. Others do such amazing stuff with it. Me - not so much.

Here we see it on clear, on a spacer. Quite nice. I shouldn't whine so much.

and here, over white. Again, very nice.

On blue - light opaque blue - CiM Zachary actually. Where did the blue go?

On ivory. Quite a lot of reation going on - too much, I think. Very dark bead, anyhow.

On black. Boo hiss - those dots were a brilliant blue when they went into the kiln. Not so excited about it now.

On EDP - actually - I really like the corona around the dots on this. Now how to make that work for me ... .

Reduced. OK - no illusions. I knew I wasn't going to like this one.

And finally - I actually halfway like this one - but not because of the frit.

Maybe that's the point - I expect too much from the frit.

This is ivory, silver foil, melt in (you know - maybe the ivory was a poor choice - the silver just reacted so much with it.) Frit, encase. Mash. Add the black. Rake. Add the ridges. It does look like a rock underwater with a ghost on it. The ghost is more obvious when you look at it from the other angle.

A ghost with a balloon, don't you think? ;-)

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  1. you know, i really love your blog. it's very informative and it's awesome.

    the ocelot spots frit is one of my favorites. :) i encase just about all frit. i am addicted to it...i have so much it's almost sickening. lol my husband made me a wall rack and it's filled to the brim. oh well. anyway, i love frit. some of my favorites are Val Cox's Peony Pink, Ocelot Spots and Bora Bora. my other favorite maker is Candy Mathewson ( -- i've never gone wrong with ANY of her frits but my all time favorites are Amazing Grace, Fairy Realm, and Orchid Splendor. :)

    oh, CIM glass is my fave. fun colors. :)

    love your blog! :)