Sunday, April 01, 2018

Double Helix Chloe

How can it be that there is a Double Helix colour I haven't blogged yet? And yet - here it is - Chloe. Chloe as an unworked rod, a rather pretty speckled spring green. But it easily develops a rich metallic luster when reduced.

By itself - the translucent green, fumed by the silver, becomes even more yellow, and the result is a very nice metallic gold look.

 Again - for these self-spacers - a greenish gold.
 However - it is transparent enough to change it's character with a different coloured base. Compare this wave to the scaled on the dragon bead behind. Both are Chloe, but the end look is quite different.
It reduces very easily and is really nice to work. Glad I found it. ;-)

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