Sunday, April 15, 2018

CiM 464 Camouflage

My first thought was that CiM Camouflage was just a shade darker than CiM Amphibian, but it turns out to be much more like Effetre Copper Green in nature.

For starters, there was no trace of the "greying" or metallic effect on the glass when I put it into the kiln - that has developed in the kiln, much like on the darker turquoises. (And presumably, like those, it would remove by soaking in a bath of CLR. And the first person to suggest soaking beads in Coke will be sent to the back of the bus.)

 View of the end of the rod.
 And the heated end.
 Not to the extreme degree of Effetre Copper Green, but definitely some stuff going on here.
 The effect is more pronounced here, and works quite well in the context. I have to stop using frit in background that blends with the subject. Sigh.

 For comparison - the Camouflage is the top bead and rod, and Amphibian is the bottom rod and bead.
 Where it really gets exciting is once you put it on ivory. Here - it behaves more like Intense Black, forming interesting webbing effects. This is a base of Camouflage, a dot of light ivory, and a dot of Camouflage in the center.

Thin trails of Camouflage over light ivory. In some places, it broke up more than others, not sure why.

 And the other side.
Would be fun to put this in twisties with light ivory, I think. Dark Ivory - test that first in case you get a really extreme reaction. I mean just look at that - how awesome is that reaction? That's like all the stuff they are doing with paint and silicone oil and pours and stuff.

Camouflage might make some really interesting frit too, to use with ivory. Hmmm.

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