Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Effetre 255 Silver Pink

Effetre Silver Pink - while it is possible to get a pink blush from this, don't be expecting Pepto pink. ;-)

Mostly it is an ivory colour, and is used more for the interesting things it can do, more like Opal Yellow.

I got a bit of the pink blush on his face. It's very easy to loose the pinkish tone, and harder to get on smaller beads. Getting a glow in the glass makes it go away and you have to work so cool that I am having conniptions about it not cracking.

For this one, the base is Silver Pink as well.

And the back has dots and trails of intense black - which breaks up very nicely on the silver pink provided you keep them thin enough.  You can see a little of the subtle pink on the sides, and more of a deep cream further in.

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