Saturday, April 07, 2018

CiM 316 Banana Cream

BTW - Trunk Show at BeadFX today - come on down and see these in person!

CiM Banana Cream, non-streaky, non-reactive light ivory.

CiM calls is a pale yellow, and it does have a creamy overtone, but that fades with long working times.

 It looks like Dark Ivory in the unworked rod, but gets lighter when heated.
 This - worked fairly fast, retains a bananary creaminess.
 But the longer working time here - washes most of it out. You can see that it was not quite opaque enough to hide a scar of black on his neck.
 The base, btw, is Eff 411 Apple Blush - which I have reviewed before. Apparently - the longer working time for this bead has an effect on this glass too
 Here, from the left, Dark Turq with Banana Cream, Banana Cream with Dark Turq, and Light Ivory with Banana Cream dots.
 You can hardly see the dots on the bead on the right.

 Very nice - I like this glass a lot.

And now that we have the perfect well-behaved ivory - I need someone to reproduce the crazy reactive streaky ivory that Effetre isn't going to be making anymore ... ;-)

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