Wednesday, April 18, 2018

CiM 912 Lilac

CiM Lilac - a soft pinky purple - or possibly a purpley pink. It's not the colour I usually think of with the word Lilac - but I'm pretty locked in to the big, old-fashioned purple lilac blooms that fill the air with scent.

This isn't that colour. This is more like the newer pinky lilacs. ;-)

Other flameworkers report that it is a new colour to the 104 palette, being a little more purple than the other pinks out there. 

This pink pony - is definitely pink. The base is Effetre Periwinkle, for reference. I see a little discolouration in the photo below - on the neck and nose, and I'm not sure what that is - it's not really that visible in real life. It might be a little fuming from the silver frit on the periwinkle base.

This piece - well - I burned it - so you do have to watch the oxygen in the flame and make sure you don't smoke it with a bad ratio.

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