Monday, April 09, 2018

CiM 729 Serengeti

CiM Serengeti - CiM describes this as an earthy brown with red undertones, but I have to say - the those red undertones, or orange overtones, as I would have described them - become less apparent the longer you work the glass.

The cut end reveals many rings in differing shades,

and the colour changes at the end of the heated rod speak to the colour possibilities one might expect ... 
 The shape on the wire, is made quickly and without a lot of re-heating ...
 And even here, the bead on the right got less re-heating than the one on the left.
 This however, with the lengthy heating/cooling and re-heating cycles, has mellowed substantially in it's colour. It's not a bad choice for, say, a palomino, if I had put a lighter mane on him. The base, btw, is CiM 448 Dirty Martini.

Either way - it's nice colour - I found it to be very, very soft - which can be a blessing and a curse with the sculptural beads. A blessing in that you have longer working time to move the glass, and a curse in that it is harder to keep the details from melting away.

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