Thursday, April 05, 2018

CiM 554 Cotswold

I believe that CiM Cotswold is a colour that we have not seen in the 104 glass colour palette before. Oh, there are colours that might be a little darker or lighter, there is a translucent colour that is similar - but this hue of a rich, opaque greenish turquoise seems to me to be new.

It is definitely greener than the turquoise and sky blue family, but not so far over into the yellow to be green. You might call it a teal.

It is lightly streaky, and it had an odd boily aspect while working it - forming the occasional biggish bubble - almost like it was melting unevenly - but I don't see any pitting or artifact of that in the end result - and I was right at the end of the tank of propane, so I am reserving judgement on that until I see further evidence of it.

Slightly streaky.

It is mildly reactive with ivory - light ivory here.
 Nice dragon colour. You can see the swirly streakiness here. The base is Eff 296 Avorio Pervinca, and the spine ridge is Kronos - which has fumed the base.
If you want to expand your colour palette with a new colour - here you go. I'm quite excited to do more with it!

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