Friday, March 30, 2018

Vetro 963 Green Tapenade

Feeling a little conflicted on this colour - not because of the colour - but because of the name. Maybe if I cooked and was into Italian foods - this might not be a surprise, but the gulf between the unworked rods and the end results - well - it can be a bit of a shock, let's say.

 What appears to be a smokey amber brown ...

And is still brownish while hot ...

 resolves to be ... a streaky warm grey!
 A very warm grey, but nevertheless ...
 It's well behaved
 And looked a lot streakier going into the kiln.
 The background is Green Tapenade, with a smattering of frit and powder, and the horse is Green Tapanade.
 Again - the dark brown and blut dots are the frit and powder combo.

It's actually a pretty good organic colour for sculptural stuff, but it was just a bit of a shock compared to the rods!

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