Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vetro 808 Swamp Moss

Swamp Moss - you'd think it would be more of an icky green - but what do I know about swamp moss - not so swampy here.

 Swamp Moss is actually a translucent honey colour - a streaky buttery caramel amber colour. Hmm - I wonder what it would look like if you "embedded a bug" in it (a glass bug, that is ... ).

 Really - a surprisingly pretty colour.


 When hot - it is more of a dark topaz ...

And it is distinctly streaky. The base is Swamp Moss with Psyche frit. 

This one, the base is Cobalt Night (Vetro) with frit - and you can see the translucence of the Swamp Moss has made the thinner parts of the horse (on the neck) darker.

This is another of the old Vetro colours - they are 104 CoE compatible - and listen - if you are looking for old Vetro colours - you need to talk to Jean at Nortel - because she has these colours - lots of some, not so much of others, but if you have used these and want more - or - if you are trying to set yourself out from the crowd by using colours that no one else has ...

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