Tuesday, March 06, 2018

CiM 824 Pachyderm

Another take on CiM Pachyderm - a multi-shaded warm grey.

I know this shot of the ends of the rods is out of focus, but I burned myself taking it, so you can look at it at least. Plus, the info we want, that it has rings like Saturn, is there.

The first bead - the bead release died on me, and it was spinning around on the mandrel, and while I could build a bridge, I have to say - it was just easier to start again.

So I grabbed some Effetre dark grey - didn't note which one, just some similarly shaded dark grey for the core of the next bead, which I then encased in Pachyderm, and noted this. The Effetre grey, melts and goes down the way you expect, but the pachyderm goes almost white when you melt it, and then blushes back to it's colour. It was quite easy to tell where I was encasing and where I hadn't yet.

I did not photo this phemon - as, like I said, I had already burned myself footling around with the camera and the flame. The design of the cell phone camera does not lend itself to single handed use, IMHO. I can take the picture with voice control - but I need to be able to tell it to zoom.

 I continue to be astonished at how much better some colours play with the raku type frit. This is quite lovely! The greys seem to be, by and large, very nice with raku.
 And here he is - pachyderm base with raku jitterbug frit, pachyderm for the horse, and intense black for the eye and mane. Quite a lot of colour streakiness going on.

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