Thursday, March 22, 2018

Effetre 279 Marmo Viola - Violet Marble

Marmo, as we learned earlier - much earlier - is "marble." This is a streaky violet purple and white. There is also some brownish hue in there - which at first I thought was the purple discolouring a little, in the way that the opaque violets do - but now, I'm not so sure.

When swirled around a lot - it is very interesting and very cool. 
 I was going to make one of the big horse beads, but the bead release broke, and so, instead, it is a discard. Time and glass to be discarded. The patterns are great tho, aren't they?
 These big hole beads are just wound off nice and tidy, so the patterns aren't quite so interesting.
 From the side, you can see the layers better.
So, from your streaky glasses - if you want more drama - you have to stir them up and swirl them around more.

This Marmo Viola is very cool - I would use it.

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