Monday, March 12, 2018

CiM 555 Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu - tabernac, eh? She is a beautiful colour, no?

Stereotypes aside, because I can NOT keep that up - sheesh! - This transparent blue from CiM - a replacement for the Neon Blue, is a beautiful, beautiful shade of blue, and exactly, EXACTLY, I say, matches the new colour that Swarovski is launching this spring called "Majestic Blue."

Exact match.

Think of that. You can make the beads to match the crystals, and make some amazing creations.

Sacre Bleu next to the new Swarovski Majestic Blue in faceted crystal beads and rhinestones.

It's blue - so you know I'm going to love it. Depending on the stats you read - 30% of the population agrees that blue is the best colour. You're hard put to go wrong with blue - unless it's food. Food should not, in general, be blue.  ;-)

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